You work hard for your money. A professionally prepared Will is the only way to ensure where it will go.

There are two very important reasons to have a professional Will in place:

  1. to ensure your wishes are clear; and,
  2. to protect against unnecessary taxes and costs.

DIY advice or simplified Will kits do not take into account your personal property, possessions and circumstances, which can lead to a substantial loss of savings or benefits for both you and your loved ones.

At Porcaro Law, we give you peace of mind that your property and possessions will pass onto your intended loved ones. We do this through testamentary trusts, staged distributions, lump sum gifts and other available mechanisms. We also maximize the tax advantages available to you in your circumstances, employing secondary wills, family trusts etc. Without a well-prepared Will in place, you risk provincial legislation determining the distribution of your estate and the appointment of a court-appointed estate trustee, with no guarantee that your wishes will be respected or that your loved ones will be provided for.

Working together, we create a Will and Powers of Attorney that are unique to you and your needs, in a manner that ensures your decisions are respected and that no important detail is left unaddressed.